Dear reader,

I am Brian F. G. Fabrègue, Ph.D. Candidate in Financial Law at the University of Zurich. My main areas of legal expertise are International Taxation, Financial Regulation and Corporate Law of Western European legislations. I also hold an MBA, through which I specialized in Statistics and Econometrics especially at the industrial level. I speak English, French, Italian and Spanish fluently, but I am also gradually learning German and Portuguese.

Iusblog is one of those ideas that spark from adversity, in 2020, as we found ourselves struggling with Covid-19 lockdowns, I randomly bumped into a domain provider that was advertising – among others – iusblog.com. I purchased it without thinking much about it and started to write articles mostly in French. As the time went by, I saw that views and readers were increasing and I decided to invest more time into it, attempting to deliver better quality analyses and opinions to the public… and today you can see the final product!

Career wise, I currently hold the position of Chief Legal Officer at Swiss Fintech Retreeb, a new revolutionary and ethical payment provider based in Geneva. Its vision is to share profits with communities’ stakeholders through the action of its users, who are able to redistribute commissions to solidarity causes, especially at a local level.

During my years of study, I developed an interest for Central and Eastern Europe, which is – in my view – an often forgot part of our beautiful European continent. This is what led me in 2016 to found Blue Europe, a think tank and network of organizations with the objective of strengthening ties between the West and the East.

As a researcher and scholar, I have a few subjects of interest that I work on as well. My focus on smart cities has allowed me to explore the intersection between technology and law, particularly in relation to data privacy and security. Through my research, I have gained a deep understanding of the legal frameworks and policies that govern the use of technology in urban planning and development. During the time, I have developed a unique perspective on the legal issues surrounding smart cities, privacy, and public procurement, and I look forward to sharing my insights with you! You can find my work on ResearchGate and ORCID.

Feel free to contact me through Iusblog’s webform or adding me on LinkedIn!